The Armani/Silos Museum in Milan

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Giorgio Armani has had forty years of success for a brand that has created a unique name for itself in the Italian fashion industry. Giorgio Armani celebrated his success with the opening of Armani/Silos, the brands latest exhibition space that is permanently on display in Milan.

Silos is Giorgio Armani’s own museum, dedicated to his fashion designs of the last 40 years. The museum is located in the fashionable Tortona area in Milan, in a former 1950 renovated building belonging to Nestle a large multinational company. The exhibition was curated by the Italian fashion designer, who has called the building ‘Silos’, “since it was the place where corn seeds, and other essential food, were stored. And just like food, dresses are also essential to life”.

The exhibition is a journey through Armani’s four decades of work from 1980 until today. The Armani Museum showcases clothes that Giorgio Armani designed throughout his career. A total of 4500 square meters spread out over four floors, showcases 600 dresses and 200 fashion accessories.

The clothes that are showcased include suits, jackets, skirts, dresses, fur coats, handbags, tops, and accessories made from Giorgio Armani. Along with the exhibition, there is also a café, a gift shop and a digital archive. On the top floor you can admire his favorite designs. 

This is one of my favorite exhibitions because each room had a different theme. On the ground floor, was the Stars and the Daywear areas, on the second floor the Color-Schemes section, on the third floor the Light and Digital Archive area, which displays sketches of the clothes, pictures of the fashion shows and advertising campaigns. 

Check out the looks that were on display through out the exhibition.

As simplistic, as possible: this is what fashion means to Giorgio Armani.

He stay’s true to his elegance in designs and known for his neutral colors.

I was very impressed with Giorgio Armani’s exhibition! I loved loved loved his collections and learning more about him.  

If you are ever in Milan check it out!

Whats your favorite look from the exhibition?

xx, A


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