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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Street style is about knowing what looks best in candid photos, it’s about not trying so hard and just being yourself through expressing your personal style. The streets of New York Fashion Week inspired my street style look. The trends bring back the 70’s vibe with bright custom made brand tees, off-the-shoulder oversized jackets and the knotted waist look!


Sportswear name brands are making a comeback in fashion. Shop the custom-made tees and crop tops at Urban Exchange Project that combine streetwear and fashion to complete a trendy street style look.

Unexpected Colors

This magenta colored tee is a bright color that I usually wouldn’t rock but I liked the off-white spots that made it stand out. Try wearing a new color that’s vibrant with an all black or white outfit to make the tee stand out.


This look allows you to style your jacket in different ways. The puffy style jackets are back and stylish than ever when worn off the shoulder. Try just buttoning the bottom buttons of the jacket allowing one side of the jacket to lay off the shoulder.


Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make a piece interesting. Many designers styled knots and twisted elements on the runway this season. To be honest, I have always been hesitant to rock the knotted waist look but it’s back in style and I’m owning it!

Shop this look or come style your own street style look at Urban Exchange Project!

xx, A


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