Miss America 2.0

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

With the Miss America Pageant taking place in Atlantic City every year it’s only right the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino showcases a Miss America Exhibition in honor of the Pageants years of success. Checkout the tribute of the past years and the future of Miss America 2.0.

Ever since I was a little girl The Miss America Pageant has been a tradition in my family. Although, this year the pageant is different then ever. The Miss America Pageant 2019 is a new era which is known as Miss America 2.0. With the controversial swimsuit ban, we are in for a new kind of pageant. We get to know the ladies on a more personal level by celebrating their talents and accomplishments.

The new competition incorporates greater inclusivity giving more women the opportunity to earn scholarships and complete for the job of Miss America and make a difference in their communities, states and advocating for social impact.

One thing that will never change about the Miss America Pageant is the history of empowering women while showcasing their talents to the world and inspire all around America to chase their dreams.

Below are looks from the past Miss America contestants & winners.

Congratulations to Miss New York for being crowned Miss America 2019!

Whats your favorite part of the Miss America Pageant & who were you rooting for this year?

xx, A


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