Louis Vuitton Maison Champs-Élysées Store in Paris

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

The Louis Vuitton store Champs-Elysees in Paris is the largest Vuitton store in the world and located at No101, right at the corner of Avenue George V. This amazing Art Deco building is still topped by its original dome and is listed as a Historical Monument. The store is spread over five levels and interconnected by spiral staircases. The American architect Eric Carlson entirely revamped it in the early 2000s.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted by the Jeff Koons Collection & it is BEAUTIFUL!

The next thing I see Is the statue of The Fondation Louis Vuitton. I was so hype to see this because I tried to make it to the see the actual Foundation Louis Vuitton but couldn’t get there. I mean could you imagine seeing this in person? It’s such a masterpiece!

Designed by Frank Gehry, the Fondation is dedicated to encourage and promote contemporary artistic creation. Discover the project.

Each wall displayed a different collection. It was like LV heaven.

Brass-plated rings interweave to generate screen walls which recreate the emblematic elements of the monogram.

Can you even believe the escalator? Woahhh the wallpaper though! Could you imagine this in your house? I could!

Belts & sunglasses are my favorite accessory and I had to capture how it was beautifully displayed because this will one day be how my closet looks

& these sneakers are stunning. Are they not? Also, love the colorful heels.

A 20-meter-high atrium from which some 1,900 stems of polished steel descend and diffract light recalls the sparkling domes of the famous Lalique fountains that decorate the avenue outside.

The best part was the complimentary champagne! This flagship store is the most beautiful store truly takes shopping to the next level, & offers an experience while shopping that you simply cannot get at any other Louis Vuitton store.

The LV artisans are my favorite part of the first Louis Vuitton store. Not many other stores have this. During my time in Europe I believe this was the only one that I saw. You basically have something custom made in the store. How dope?

Even the back of the LV store is beautiful too.

What did you think of the Louis Vuitton Champs Élysées store in Paris?

xx, A


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