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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I purchased my first pair of YEEZYS, I got the adidas YEEZY Boost 700 V2 Geode’s and I was kinda hype because I mean at one point they were super exclusive and overpriced. But now, times have changed. Kanye is dropping a new pair of YEEZYS almost every week and has tremendously lowered his prices. The real question is why?

It all has to do with adidas’s marketing strategy. YEEZYS became a “hyped” item based on how they were sold, styled, and marketed.

When adidas YEEZY made its debut, limited quantities of shoes were released at a time, creating scarcity. Brand loyalty or scarcity? I think making customers happy is more beneficial to scaring them off. I guess adidas thought the same way & decided it’s the right time to give customers what they’ve been asking for.

It was all a marketing strategy and Kanye even said it himself, “Eventually everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys,” West said in 2015. “Adidas has promised me that because there are so many kids that have wanted them that couldn’t get them, and I talked to the heads at Adidas and they said we can make them.”

My order Included the Calabasas Trackpant’s that matched my Geode’s. They were the first pair that stood out to me and I thought were really different.

I believe in Kanye as an artist and I think he’s a creative and a fashion genius. He has broken so many amazing cultural boundaries in society through fashion, art and music. Who cares if he is arrogant and annoying on social media sometimes, at least he’s using his platform to make a difference and I think that’s what’s super dope about him and Kim.

PLUS Adidas is a step ahead of many other big sportswear brands when it comes to sustainability. Adidas is the second largest activewear brand in the world after rival Nike. As part of their Sustainability Strategy, adidas has reduced their waste production, energy consumption, and water use by at least 20% at all their facilities by 2020. I think this is a huge deal breaker when supporting fashion designers and clothing brands. I fully support the companies that are implementing sustainable strategies!

If you do ever decide to purchase YEEZY apparel or sneakers, the pant’s run big, mine are a little baggy and I got a size small. Also, the shoes are super snug so if you have a wider foot maybe consider getting a size up.

What are your thoughts on adidas YEEZY by Kanye?

xx, A


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